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Demand for wooden houses is growing worldwide, particularly due to global warming and low-energy consumption of wooden houses. Houses are warm in winter and cool in summer and energy is needed mainly for hot water and household appliances.

Raw material for wooden houses

The world's best timber raw material grows in Finland on the principle of sustainable development. We always plant new forests to replace cut trees. Large sawmills cut millions of cubic meters of logs for domestic and export purposes. In the processing chain, we plan, paint and work parts of a wooden house into ready-to-install components.

Lapponia Thermo Log

With the experience of thousands of houses, we have delivered our Thermo logs to dozens of countries around the world. We recommend wood fiber insulation for our houses, which has been proven to improve indoor air quality and allow humidity to flow through.
We have our own well designed house collection. We also customize houses with customer's own drawings.

New Affordable operating model offer calculation

Price calculation is often a bottleneck in the sale of wooden houses when bidding requests come from a wide variety of houses and their cost calculation is demanding and time-consuming to make the bid attractive to both buyer and seller.

We have developed a PRE CUT production and calculation model, which allows the customer, in cooperation with us, to simply calculate the prices for the various parts of the house.

We are extending excel price list on a rolling basis and adding accounting intelligence to facilitate the overall pricing. The material list specifies the materials and quantities of the various structures, which are specified more accurately when we perform structural design for the houses.

We will delivery our standard houses without any structural design cost. We have all drawings ready to send you by email.

PRE CUT production enables the supply of highly diversified houses that may have demanding roof structures and large openings that require specialized expertise in structural solutions. The calculation of these houses is best done by us.

If necessary, we will help you get started with the installation or we will offer a full installation of the materials we supply

We will be happy to give you more information on this new concept!


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Tuhansien talotoimitusten kokemuksella yli 40 vuoden ajan.
Palkittua rakentamista kaikilla puumateriaaleilla.

Tuhansien talotoimitusten kokemuksella yli 40 vuoden ajan.
Palkittua rakentamista kaikilla puumateriaaleilla.

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